Yesterday I told you that even marketers have “gripes” about marketing. Things that absolutely irk us to our core.

Because guess what…we are consumers, too!

It’s especially frustrating because we know there is an effective way to market your business…and intrusive marketing just isn’t it. Stay tuned on more of the “right” way to market your business later.

Anyways, as promised, I’m kicking off this Marketing Gripes series with direct mail. Ugh. Just typing the words make me cringe.

You go to the mail and what’s in your mailbox? I bet I can guess. A few bills, maybe a birthday card from old Aunt Sue, a catalog or two, a magazine and loads of direct mail pieces (a.k.a. junk mail) addressed to “Our Friends At (Your Address Here).” Wow. Talk about personalization, right?

What do you do with those direct mail pieces? I bet I can guess that too.

Straight to the trash.

Marketing Gripes Of Your Own?

We can help!

If the person sending me mail doesn’t know my name, then I should not bother wasting my time to read it. So how effective was their marketing message? Well, considering I didn’t even read it, I would say not effective at all.

Granted, I know that there are in fact some people who open their direct mail and perhaps put it on the fridge. Does it make it past the fridge? Usually not. So again proving the ineffectiveness of direct mail. But at least it was opened…

Here’s the thing: distributing direct mail pieces isn’t cheap, and the fact that it is highly ineffective makes it a poor marketing decision. You may have had really great success with direct mail in the past. But times have changed, and your marketing has to be relevant to be effective.

Want to know more about how to make your marketing relevant? Stay tuned for the rest of our blog series! Or, contact us by submitting the form above!

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