Last week, you read a blog discussing marketing from the journal of a salesman about the hard understanding of Inbound Marketing. This week, I wanted to discuss the importance of analyzing your marketing strategy quarterly to insure your money is being used to its potential.

Let’s start at step one. Having a marketing strategy in the first place. Without one, you have no direction and neither does your business.

Quarterly Reports

Once you have your marketing strategy, this is where the quarterly reviews come in. Just like you keep an eye on your bank and credit card balances each month, it’s critical to review your marketing, too.

Analyze your numbers from the previous month. Make sure your budget was directed where it needed to go. Ensure you got the most out of your marketing efforts.

Compare the different aspects of your marketing plan. If your television commercials are not returning your investment, maybe you should consider moving your money elsewhere.

Next time you look into your company’s marketing efforts, consider your best options.

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