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Even if you’re in the business of counting other people’s money, you still need to make your own! In order to be successful in any industry, it’s important to market your business effectively. One of the many components of an effective marketing strategy is a current, relevant, content-rich blog. But you’re in the financial industry, writing isn’t your specialty. Have no fear, that’s why we created an easy, step-by-step guideline to writing a blog in the financial industry.

Steps to Writing Your Introduction:

Check out this how-to financial industry blogging guide!

Blogging can benefit your business, even in the financial industry!

1. Write a compelling opening that empathizes with the reader on a problem or difficulty they may be having.
2. Continue by explaining the problem in further detail, relevant to a situation they may be in.
3. Explain how you’ll fix the problem by teaching the reader how to solve their problem.


Are you one of the millions who is suffering from overwhelming debt? You may be hounded by the credit card companies and struggling to keep your house, but you CAN control and overcome your debt and go back to a life without financial struggle. These 5 easy steps will help you conquer your financial burden and if done correctly and diligently, will bring you to the light at the end of a seemingly never-ending tunnel.

Steps to Writing the Body:

1. Write a header that signals to the reader that they’re about to explore the main content of the post.
2. Use numbers to list out each step involved in the learning process.
3. Explain thoroughly, but simply, how the reader can solve their problem.
4. If necessary, use transition words like “following,” “next,” “after,” or “then.”
5. Easily transition into the conclusion.


Get Out Of Debt With These 5 Easy Steps:
1. Make a conscious decision to stop borrowing money-Stop using debt to fund your lifestyle. If you don’t have the cash to pay for it, then you don’t need it. Nothing is worth a life of debt.
2. Establish an emergency fund-Do not use a credit card to pay for an emergency. As soon as you can, start an emergency fund with at least $1000 to pay for any unexpected emergency.
3. Create a budget and stick to it-Develop a budget according to your income and expenses. If you can earn some extra cash to increase your surplus (the amount of money you have left at the end of your budget period), do so. Take up a second job, increase your performance at work, etc. In addition to earning more cash, trim your expenses. Determine the necessities and luxuries. Cut away from the luxuries to be able to add to the necessities.
4. Organize your debt-List your debts according to interest rates, highest to lowest. This will allow you to saw the most money in interest over time.
5. Put your surplus towards your debt-Any extra cash you have at the end of your budget period, put towards your debt payments. The more cash you put towards your debt, the faster it will disappear and the sooner you’ll be able to live a life free of debt.

Steps to Writing the Conclusion:

1. Signal to the reader that they are at the end of your instruction.
2. Summarize what they’ve learned.
3. Ask a question to encourage the reader to respond or further investigate.


Debt doesn’t have to rule you, you can rule your debt. Follow the above guidelines and stick with them. Follow a strict budget, not allowing yourself to purchase anything that is not an absolute necessity. When organizing your debt, list the debts in order of highest to lowest interest rates. Pay them off accordingly with extra money that you save in the above 5 step process. Be sure to allocate an amount per month for the emergency fund, which will be used only if unexpected and absolutely necessary. In time, you will not only have financial freedom, but you will have money management skills to continue to stay out of the prison of debt. Would you like to learn more about money management? Please contact my financial firm at XXX-XXX-XXXX.

Start TODAY!

Blogging can prove to be beneficial, even in the financial industry. Why not start today? If you’d like a copy of these steps, plus some additional insight, download our eBook by clicking HERE or on the image below!


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