Do you know what my number one pet peeve is?

(Okay, I have lots of pet peeves, but do you know what’s among the worst?)

When a business doesn’t have a website!

And that’s not even me talking as a marketer. That’s me talking as a regular ol’ consumer!

Last night, I’m trying to look up this lavender and vegetable farm that my family and I go to (judge me, go ahead). I’m searching and searching (googling and googling) and cannot come across it. This farm just happens to be way out of the way, so if we aren’t absolutely positive it’s still open, we aren’t going to go (so much for cherished family traditions…).

Don't Be The Lavender Farm!

Get ahead of your competition with a website!

Needless to say, I never found the lavender farm’s website.

BUT, I did find another vegetable farm that we’re going to try (I’m a sucker for sweet corn and raspberries)! Would I have found this new farm if I hadn’t been unsuccessful in finding the lavender farm?

Probably not.

So, basically, the lavender farm not having a website promoted business for this new farm we’re trying. Interesting, huh?

Don’t Be The Lavender Farm

Make sure when it comes to your marketing and advertising, you are the new farm and NOT the lavender farm. Make sure you make yourself easy to find (and it’s not a bad idea to make others find you when they’re looking for your competition).

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