Next up on the “marketing naughty list?”

Putting your hard earned advertising dollars on things don’t work. And by “things that don’t work,” I mean things people don’t use.

The list goes on and on. We hear people on a daily basis getting into contracts and spending WAY too much money on things that don’t work. Let’s make a quick list of these “things,” shall we?

1. The Coffee News (local publications)
2. The newspaper
3. Most promotional products
4. Billboards
5. Yard signs (unless you sell real estate)
6. The Yellow Pages

This is a very short list of things you need to quit wasting money on.

You Wouldn't Send A Telegram, Would You?

So quit using marketing that no longer works.

I was in the grocery store the other day and noticed that advertising is being sold on those grocery separators. You know those plastic bar things that you put between sets of groceries? Yeah, those.

I was shocked.

Who (besides me, the crazy marketing girl) would notice an ad on something that doesn’t even have a name (sorry if I’m offending anyone who is partial to grocery separator bars-or whatever they’re called).

Better question, who would take the time in the middle of their grocery transaction to stop and write down the phone number/website URL/email of a person on the ad of a grocery separator bar…?

Not me…

…and not many other people.

So, what I’m telling you is this: quit falling for “advertising” that no longer works. These methods (even grocery separator bars) may have worked in the past, but they don’t anymore. Our society is “on demand.” Make sure your marketing is too.

Read more about “on demand” marketing here.

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