In continuing our “Marketing Do This, Not That” series, we are staying on the track of social media content (if you missed yesterday’s blog, catch up here).

Let’s set the scene…

You’re mindlessly scrolling through your Facebook newsfeed (or Twitter stream/Instagram feed/Pinterest boards, etc.–pick your poison) and something catches your eye. It’s a tropical scenery image of a beach. The colors are bright and warm and you can almost feel the sand between your toes and the sun on your skin…ahhh.

(Okay, some of that is just for dramatic effect.)

Only after the image catches your eye do you see the actual post itself. “Heading to the beach this summer? Make sure you show up with a tan! Sign up now to receive your first tanning session FREE!” You’re instantly reminded of your beach vacation in two weeks and your pale skin. So what do you do?

Sign up, of course!

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But would you have noticed the post if it hadn’t been for the image? Probably not.

Social Media Content…Illustrated

“Recent studies show Facebook posts containing images garner as much as 120 percent more engagement than posts of any other kind. Tweets containing photos get retweeted as much as 150 percent more than text-only tweets. The use of image-based social media sites, like Pinterest and Instagram, continue to grow exponentially.” (
The point of posting on social media is to receive engagement from your posts. The way to increase that engagement is with images. Think of it as “illustrating your social media content.”
So next time you’re posting to your business’ social media accounts, remember to include an image. Does every post require an image? Ehh, not necessarily…only the ones you want remembered!
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