We see it all the time…marketing done wrong.

So, this week, we’re uncovering some critical marketing mistakes that you may be making and how you can fix them.

First up, Facebook!

Facebook: You’re Doing It Wrong

Ahhh, Facebook. The way the world communicates. Unfortunately, you may be doing it all wrong for your business. The main mistake I see when people use Facebook for business is posting personal content to the business page. Honestly, sometimes I think, “Did they do that on purpose or was it an accident?”

I’m not saying that all the content on your Facebook business page has to be “business-y.” In fact, it shouldn’t be. But, there is a right way (and wrong way) to do it.


It's okay. Just make steps to stop it now...

I’m not pointing fingers, just giving you an example. A page I follow on Facebook (love them and their business!) constantly posts pictures of family events (dinners, birthdays, vacations, etc.)


Sweet readers, that is what a personal page is for. I love to see the wonderful pictures of baby Sally covered in cake for her first birthday, but it literally has nothing to do with my interest in the business.


So, I encourage these pictures to be posted on a personal page. Keep them off the business page. If you aren’t promoting your own content, share someone else’s that is related to your own business. For example, say you sell organic smoothies. You could share some other “be healthy” links (Is gluten-free really the way to go? Take a look at this blog!)

Get my drift?

Don’t worry, there are more marketing mistakes that we’ll be shedding light on this week, so stay tuned! And if you are one of those people who is guilty of the above mistake, don’t worry! Just submit the form above and someone from SDB will be in touch with you (and we won’t even point and laugh at you).

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