This week, we are defining common marketing terms…terms we use on an everyday basis, but terms you may not know. If you’re considering investing in a new marketing plan, it is important to know these terms to develop an understanding of how your plan will work. If you’re missing your target audience, you’re missing the point!

If you missed yesterday, we started off by defining buyer personas. If you missed it, catch up here!

Target Audience

Sometimes, you’ll hear us ask, who is your target audience? For most people, it’s a pretty self-explanatory term. But, if it isn’t, read on!

Your audience is who exactly you want to target with your marketing. For example, if you are a company who rents equipment for oilfield jobs, your target audience is not going to be women. However, if you own a boutique selling designer handbags, your target audience would be women. After designating a gender as part of your target audience, you should then determine the primary age of that audience.

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Why you ask?

You should know the general age of your intended audience so that you can determine how to reach them. For example, if your target audience’s age is 13-18, you would want to be on Snapchat and Instagram. However, if you are targeting a more “adult” age, you want to have a presence on Facebook. No matter what, your business should always consider running ads on search engines. No matter the gender or age of your target audience, people are always “Googling” for information. Make sure they can find you.

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