This week, we are “defining your marketing.” First we started with buyer persona, then moved on to target audience. Today we will be defining one of our favorite terms, “inbound marketing.”

Inbound Marketing: Defined

Inbound marketing is the set of marketing activities that bring leads to you, as opposed to having to go out and get them. Inbound marketing gains the attention of your visitor through quality content that the visitor finds to be relevant, helpful, and interesting.

It’s about showing your customers what they want, where they want, when they want.

Since 2006, inbound marketing has been one of the most effective marketing methods for doing business online. When implemented properly, inbound marketing can grow your business by transforming visitors to your website to closed sales.

Now That We've Defined It...

Let us show you how it works!

The Methodology

The stages of inbound methodology are the set of four marketing actions used to convert visitors into happy customers. These four actions are attract, convert, close and delight. The concept behind inbound methodology is providing content that appeals to precisely the right people, specific to their stage in the inbound methodology.

Show Me The Money!

So how long does it take to see results with inbound marketing? Inbound marketing is about publishing the right content at the right time, thus leading visitors through the stages of the inbound methodology. This process varies from business to business, so there is no definite answer to when your business will see results. However, a rule of thumb is: if you can’t devote at least 6 months to correctly implementing an inbound marketing plan, then you can’t expect to see business growth in terms of sales.

Trust The Experts

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