Hello and welcome to SDB’s edition of “Marketing Defined.” This week, we are going to walk you through some popular marketing terms so you’ll know what we’re talking about when we throw the terms around like the professionals we are.

(Just kidding, we aren’t like that. We always want you to understand exactly what we’re doing…which is why we’re writing these blogs!)

To be effective, your marketing must cater to your buyers (what they want, where they want it, what they DON’T want, etc.) So, the first step would be to define your target consumer. Next, you need to understand their needs. Finally, you have to create your marketing strategy around how YOU will work to satisfy those needs through your marketing.

In an attempt to define your target consumer and assess their needs/wants, we first must develop a “buyer persona.”

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What is a buyer persona?

A buyer persona describes your target audience by representing a semi-fictional character of your ideal customer. To develop an accurate buyer persona, market research such as demographic information, behavioral patterns, and specific goals, must be done.

Okay, in English, that means creating a “model” of who your target consumer is. Let’s do an example.

I’m Susie Q, and I own a boutique that primarily sells affordably-priced women’s western wear. I determine that my target consumer is women aged 40-60. To further determine this target consumer, I am going to create a “model” that fits that description. So, my buyer persona, Sally Jo is 50 years old and has children in high school. She works a full time job, is a member of PTA and only indulges in shopping for herself every so often. She likes to keep up with her friends and family via Facebook, but she doesn’t really use any other social media.

Make sense?

We just created a character that represents the majority of our demographic. Based on this character, I am going to create a Facebook page for my business and post daily content not only about my store and sales/promotions, but I’m also going to post content that is relevant to someone like Sally Jo (sharing articles on balancing a busy lifestyle, new recipes to try, fundraising ideas, the latest style trends, etc.)

So, in order to cater your marketing to your demographic, you should first develop a buyer persona. To get help on this, or any other marketing method, contact us by submitting the form above!

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