As a recent college graduate, I often wonder how much of the information that was taught to me in school I will actually use in my career. Although there are some things I probably won’t ever use again, there is some valuable information that is useful. In an effort to try and condense this information into marketing basics, here are some of the basics that every marketer should know.

  1. Target Market– What is a target market? The target market is the specific group of people that all of your marketing efforts will go towards. The target market is important because it guides the marketing efforts. It allows you to tailor all of the marketing to what will appeal to the target market, thus increasing the chances of being seen and liked by these potential customers. And if they like you, there is a better chance of them buying your product or service.
  2. Branding– Branding is perhaps one of the most important things that every marketer should know how to create for their clients or business. Branding is the one area of marketing that can really make a business “top of mind” for customers. “Top of Mind” means that when a customer thins of a category, say they are looking for a plumber, your business is the one of the first places they decide to look. The best way to maintain a good brand is by sending out a clear message (like a slogan) and keeping it consistent through all of the marketing efforts.
  3. Get to Know Your Customers– Getting to know customers will be one of the key factors that can make a business successful. Tracking purchases, sales leads, as well as just simply talking to your customers are all effective ways to get to know your customers.

So, there you go! These are the top three basics that stood out to me and that I think are essential for every marketer to know. Stay tuned as I continue to explore the world of marketing and advertising!

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