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We are not accountants. We assume you are not accountants. So why in the world are we having to talk about numbers when it comes to marketing? It’s just logos, catchy slogans, and social media, right? Nope!
Marketing analytics are one of the best ways to help you to determine if your marketing is on the right track. It’s also a great budgetary tool to ensure that your hard-earned money is working for you. Interested in finding out more? Keep reading!


As a small business owner, you understand that every dollar (every penny, even) makes a difference in your bottom line. Whether you’re looking at taxes, payroll, or insurance, money can be overwhelming and confusing.

However, as a marketing measure, it’s important to review your marketing analytics to help you evaluate your efforts. It’s a critical component of any successful marketing plan. The numbers and acronyms (CTR, PCP, ECPM!) can engulf your brain if you aren’t used to them.

But have no fear…SDB is here!



When you think of marketing, you think of words and images. However, the numbers play a significant role in how well customers are responding to those words and images.

One of the best things about Internet advertising is that users can receive useable, real-time data that can help them make decisions. There is no guesswork or estimating when it comes to marketing analytics. You don’t have to wonder how many people have viewed your television commercial. There’s no estimated traffic count for people who drove by your billboard.

Internet marketing and advertising provides traffic, impressions, clicks, views, and countless other useful facts to help you determine the course of marketing plans.


Make no mistake: reviewing your marketing analytics can help you save money.

As the owner of your business, you are its captain and commander. A real life captain wouldn’t dream of going out onto open water without the benefit of knowing wind, barometric pressures, and other weather readings. It’s just part of the job.

Marketing analytics can help you to steer the ship into smoother waters. When evaluating your reports, you’re able to identify and verify important information. That information is what ensures that you are targeting the right customers…as in the ones who convert.

So…(analytic) anchors away!


Time is money for you. As an entrepreneur, that old phrase has more meaning than ever, doesn’t it?

Grasping all of the in’s and out’s of marketing analytics is something that takes time. But as a smart business owner (which we know you are!), you understand their importance. In order to manage your campaigns properly, it’s critical that you track which ads are generating the most bang for your buck. Those are the types of leads you want to continue to generate.

Additionally, marketing analytics need to establish a little history. It takes a while for new campaigns to gain traction. You’re more likely to receive quality data from results that have been going through the process for a while. And quality data helps you make quality business decisions.


SDB Creative Group is available to help you establish and understand marketing analytics. It doesn’t have to give you a headache. You know…like tax returns.

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