Think Again.

If you think social media is just used for personal purposes, think again. Data-mining companies, such as Treato, monitor conversations on popular social media sites such as Facebook and Twitter for response/side effects of specific medications. This data is then reported back to managers that invest in pharma stocks. This software used by Treato reviews “tens of thousands” of patient forums and informal discussions on a daily basis. This data can then lead to better investment decisions, which will definitely be attracting investors.

Social media is no longer used solely for personal interaction, if it ever was. Treato is not the only company using social media for data purposes. Smart marketers know where consumers are; where they’re talking and who they’re connecting with. These smart marketers are finding their consumers online and drawing them in with the content they’re providing, creating a sense of “top of the mind awareness” and brand loyalty.

What About You?

What about your business? Are you creating this top of the mind awareness and brand loyalty with your consumers? You can bet your competition is. To stand out above your competitors and make people choose YOU, you have to not only have an online presence, but you have to provide content that consumers find helpful, relevant or entertaining.

If you’re not online, it’s not too late to get there! It’s all about maintaining and consistently publishing content to your followers. However, consistence is key. Social media profiles that aren’t updated or dated websites can work against your business. If a visitor has found your business online, then make them stay there and see what you have to offer! Because let’s face it, in one or two clicks, your visitor can find someone else (your competition) worth exploring.

At SDB, we help to get you on top and stay on top. Whether that’s through a killer website, excellent content, or prominent profiles (or all of the above!), we’re here to help your business excel. Give us a call today or have someone contact you by clicking the image below. You could also take a look at the endless amount of marketing resources we have to offer by clicking HERE.

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