Market Like a Boss 101

Do you know the difference between a boss and a supervisor? A boss assesses issues and comes up with solutions. A supervisor nags and tells you takes credit for others’ work. Let us let you in on a little secret: no one likes a “supervisor.” You can be a real-deal boss in a variety of ways in your business – including marketing. That’s why we’re welcoming you to Market Like a Boss 101.

6 Tips on How to Market Like a Boss

1 – Recognize Your Goals

A great boss marketer knows how to be specific. What are your goals when it comes to marketing? Some companies might want to increase their sales, whereas others may want to grow their email contact database. While we admire your desire to take over the world, you’ve got to be a little more detailed.

2 – Analyze the Data

The numbers don’t lie. If your checkouts are struggling or your social media reach is down, there is always a reason. You just have to find it. Boss marketers take the time to dig into the data and figure out the problems. Though it can be time-intensive, it’s better than changing an entire marketing program when a simple tweak would do.

3 – Watch Your Competition

What are they doing right? What are they doing wrong? Who is their audience? Your competitors are a great way to gauge your own marketing plan.

4 – Learn from Mistakes

The best thing in the world about digital marketing is that it’s fixable. It’s not like a commercial or radio ad that has to be completely done over. Digital marketing also allows you to adjust your tactics easily, such as ad spend and placement. Boss marketers know it takes time and adjustment to find a winning combination.

5 – Know Your Audience

True story: someone, somewhere wants what your company has to offer. The objective is to find that person. A boss marketer knows who their clients should be – because they’re replicas of the people already buying. Take the time to find out who’s a perfect fit for your business.

6 – Connect with the Right People

It’s critical to establish relationships with people who can help you build your business. Whether it’s affiliates, suppliers, or marketing companies (hi!! let’s talk!!), boss marketers surround themselves with people that can help them promote and grow their companies.

Still have more questions about what you can do to become a boss marketer? Our team is fun, innovative, and hard-working. We would love to help you move into boss marketer status.


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