Should old acquaintance be forgot? I don’t know about you, but I’d rather keep old acquaintance and forget Mariah Carey’s nightmarish performance on New Year’s Eve. Don’t get me wrong, I’m a fan of her music and can’t deny her talent, but let’s be honest, the pop music diva flopped and flopped hard.

What we can thank Carey for is the reminder of some crucial tips you can apply everyday to your brand.

Plan and Prepare

Maybe with a little more planning and more preparedness, Mariah could’ve avoided all that went down that night. A plan goes a long way. Being prepared for all possibilities good or bad, can make or break success for your brand.

React & Adapt

We were feeling all sorts of Emotions the instant Mariah refused to sing one of her top charted hits because she “couldn’t hear.” Her face noticeably fell to a look of pure anger and frustration. What followed is what can be described as half dance and half angry stomping. The crowds watched awkwardly, confused on whether they should laugh, dance, or roll their eyes.

You can plan all you want but sometimes, most times, things don’t go according to plan and when that happens, it’s best to quickly react and adapt, then adjust. No matter the situation, the customer deserves quality service.

Take Ownership Of Mistakes

The minute Mariah stepped off the stage, she took to Twitter and tweeted a profanity-laden message to the world explaining, it was not her fault. First of all, we all mess up. It happens. Whether it was the production company or Mariah, looking at it as an “unfortunate event” rather than a “sabotage” would’ve looked a lot better for Mariah at the time.

The worst thing a brand can do is blame someone else for a mistake whether it was their fault or not. Spinning the wheel of blame gets you nowhere. If you mess up, own up to it, make it up to those affected, and work to prevent it from happening again.

Branding Tips From The Pros

So happy 2017, thank you to Mariah Carey for these valuable reminders, and as always, be sure to choose SDB Creative Group for all of your marketing, advertising, and branding needs!

Valuable Branding Lessons From Mariah Carey

Thanks Mariah, We'll Take It From Here...

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