Marketing Job Hacks

I love my marketing job. But some days are harder than others. The days that I can’t come up with ideas for a blog, I’ve run out of quality content to post to social media or when I’ve let days of work pile up due to my lack of “creative” inspiration (the worst). Below are some hacks you can use on those “harder” days!

Marketing job hacks

Hacks to make your marketing job easy

Teamwork makes the dream work

On the days that you lack that creative inspiration, turn to your coworkers! Ask them if they have seen an article, news story, read a book, etc. that has sparked their interest. If so, ask them to elaborate. Listen as they tell you more about the topic and think how you can turn it into a blog or social media post. More than likely, they’ll enjoy talking about something that has interested them AND you can get a new content idea. If nothing else, maybe it will help get your creative juices flowing! Also likely is that your coworker won’t be the only person out there with that interest. You’ll probably spark the interests of others as well!


We live in a world focused on our smartphones and the apps that fill them. They’re supposed to make your life easier, right? And we could all use a little “easy” in our lives. Some of the best apps you can use to work more efficiently are below:

Boomerang-Use it to schedule emails in advance or set up email reminders.
Signals-Lets you see who is opening your emails, viewing your website, etc. (Stalking device? Maybe. I prefer “insightful.”)
Trello-Organizes projects into boards where you can see what’s been done by whom.

All About Strategy

In your marketing job, know your bottom line. Yeah, you have a blog to write. But for what? What campaign are you developing? What goal are you trying to reach? Keep those questions in mind as you complete the small pieces of the overall puzzle. Usually, there is more importance associated with an overall goal, giving you more motivation to see the final results (maybe that’s wishful thinking!) and a sense of accomplishment when it’s all done. Think big picture.

Launch A Remarkable Campaign

Whether you have an actual marketing job or not, marketing your business (or yourself) is vital to success. Find out how to launch and measure a remarkable marketing campaign by downloading our toolkit HERE or by clicking the image below. And don’t forget that marketing is not just a campaign, it’s a commitment! Get started today.


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