Here is a really sad statistic: over 40% of the time, a new prospect is never followed up with after the first call. Considering how distracted our society has become, that should really scare you. People are exposed to more than 35,000 messages a day, from signs to emails, text messages to social media. Chances are, your prospects forget about you the next day. How could they not? It’s not personal. They are just simply overwhelmed with messages. The good news is that you have a tremendous opportunity to stand out simply by developing your organization’s follow up skills. Here are some tips on how to make follow ups a priority:

  • Schedule a follow up call before ending your meeting.
  • Send a handwritten thank you note. This is a lost art, but will put you ahead of nearly everyone.
  • Confirm the details and next action of your meeting with a brief email.
  • Add every new prospect to your email distribution list.
  • Call all prospects at least one time per week.
  • Meet with current clients weekly if possible, and monthly at a minimum.
  • If you have an unhappy client or things aren’t running to their expectations, follow up with them right away. It’s better to deal with a problem head and let your client know you are doing everything possible to deliver.

In today’s market, we all have more competition for our clients’ attention and most of that comes from indirect competitors. Remember that someone is going to call them and it will usually be someone different every day. If you don’t follow up, someone else is going to win your prospects’ business and you won’t. It might even be a lot of work on your part. Some statistics show that you may have to follow up with a prospect more than 20 times before getting their business. But that’s okay! They will know you’re committed to them.

How do you follow up? Share some of your best experiences with us.

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