I don’t have a favorite Christmas memory. I love Christmas too much to have a favorite. I am that person. The person that you see wearing Christmas light earrings or a different Christmas sweater. To me it is, in fact, “The Most Wonderful Time of the Year!”

This isn’t to say that all that Christmas cheer comes easy. It requires a lot of effort on my end. From many decorated trees and mantles, to hosting gatherings for the office and family, to my spreadsheet of Christmas gifts, Christmas is work, but it is always as rewarding as the effort that I put into it. My brother, recently said to me that he is a Grinch and that he doesn’t get why I love Christmas so much. My response was, “a lot of bad stuff happens in the world daily, but Christmas brings family together, everyone is trying to love a little bit more and with all of the sparkle and glitter, everything seems magical. When I get lost in the Spirit of Christmas, it helps me reset and get ready for the New Year.”

This is why, I love Christmas.

If you haven’t done much this year to foster your own Christmas spirit, here are some ideas to make this last week full of memories and fun!

  1. Deck the halls and get in the Christmas Spirit! Head over to Home Depot or even the grocery store and grab a tree and some lights. The simplicity will be beautiful and you will really feel the true meaning in both traditions of the tree and lights. The evergreen representing Jesus’ everlasting love and the lights representing the Light of Christ.
  2. Grab a red cup of hot goodness from Starbucks and go look at the lights around town.
  3. Give back to others. There are so many options. Go to the store and grab a toy and drop in one of the Toys for Tots buckets. You could, also, volunteer at the soup kitchen, visit nursing homes, or people in the hospital.
  4. Decorate a Gingerbread house or some cookies. Get your artsy side going and don’t forget the Christmas music.
  5. Grab a fuzzy blanket and turn on Christmas movies! Christmas movie marathons are the best!
  6. Play Christmas music! There are so many options from Country to Rock to Classical! Get over how annoying Jingle Bells is and hear the sweet messages in the songs.
  7. Make a Christmas ornament. I made them every year with my kids, until they were too cool to make them anymore, and now I make them with my nephew and add his creations to our tree. The tradition continues.
  8. Don’t go to the mall! That is a Christmas Spirit stealer! But if you do, go see Santa!
  9. Read the Christmas Story. Not sure where it is? The Gospel of Luke 2:1-20 or click here.
  10. Go to a Christmas Eve Service. They are beautiful and will make your heart happy to hear the message of Christ.

Go BIG this last week! You will not regret it!  

Merry Christmas!

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