This week, we’ve been answering your marketing questions! We want you to have a full understanding of our services and how they benefit you. Today we’re answering “how long does a marketing program last?”

Think of marketing as an addition to your business. An addition that makes your business stronger, your image sharper, and your clients smarter. (Not that they aren’t smart already, but your marketing can serve as a type of education tool that informs your clients of how they’ll benefit from your services. Kind of like what we are doing right now.) You add this addition to your business and you’re happy with the growth it brings. But how long do you keep the addition?

Well, you say, ideally I’d like to keep the addition forever. As long as it keeps doing the job!


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You see, marketing isn’t something you just “do” for a short amount of time. Of course, you want to amp up your marketing efforts whenever you have something specific to promote. However, a marketing program shouldn’t just “last” for a short amount of time. As long as it keeps doing the job, a marketing program should last as long as your business!

But how do you ensure that it “keeps doing the job?”

There are several components involved in the condition, one of which being who is doing your marketing.

The person or people running your marketing program should have a clear understanding of your business and your marketing goals. Beyond that understanding, they need knowledge and experience. If you are putting your marketing in someone else’s hands, it is important that they are an expert in marketing/advertising. Consistency is also a key component in ensure your marketing program continues to work for you. Marketing is simply NOT something you can “try” for a month or two. You have to stick with it to see the results.

So, if you’re looking for marketing experts, and a knowledgable, experienced team who will implement consistency in your marketing program, look no further. You’ve found them at SDB.

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