Social media is an ever-changing creature and we’ve seen the rise of several platforms. However, here’s our take on why you should link in with LinkedIn.

What Is It?

LinkedIn is the world’s largest professional network, with over 300 million user accounts. So, as a professional (or an aspiring professional), there is no reason you shouldn’t be on it. LinkedIn is a sort of online résumé, allowing you to post past job/school experience. LinkedIn is great for businesses too, with extensive search capabilities and connection possibilities. Unlike most social networks, LinkedIn is business oriented, used mainly for professional networking.

Why Use It?

For a business, LinkedIn is just one of the many social media sharing platforms you should use as a part of your inbound marketing strategy. There are several reasons you, as a business or an individual, should create a profile on LinkedIn:

  1. Companies use LinkedIn as a primary recruiting source. Looking for a job? LinkedIn could be the place to be found! In addition, you can use it as a tool for researching potential companies to see if they’re right for you.
  2. In contrast, if you are a business looking to do some recruiting, look no further than LinkedIn. You can search for people with certain experience, degrees or even schools they attended.
  3. You can find some great content, specific to your business interests. You can choose to follow various channels and find some shareable articles, based on your selections.
  4. LinkedIn suggests people to join you on your profile based on the job industry you’ve selected or other profile commonalities. This is yet another great way to easily make connections, without even using your search bar!

How To Use LinkedIn

We’ve created a simple checklist for you to use after creating your profile. Using this checklist will help you easily optimize your profile and begin networking professionally for yourself or your business. Click HERE or on the image below to download this checklist today.

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