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We’ve got some big news! Every week, our team here at SDB will be going live on Facebook! After streaming live several times now, we have learned some valuable lessons we’d like to share! Take your Facebook Live experience to the next level with these helpful tips!

Location Location

When potential viewers scroll through their newsfeed and your live broadcast shows up, you want your setting to be eye-catching. Give your audience something interesting to look at. This could be your conference room, a unique looking office or in front of a cool piece of art on the wall! Be sure your location is well-lit and your audio is crisp so your viewers can see and hear you clearly.

Let’s Talk Equipment

Facebook allows business pages to run a Facebook Live broadcast from its Facebook and Facebook Pages apps for smartphones and tablets. If you are planning to stay stationary, a tablet may be the best bet. If you plan on moving your device throughout the room, a smartphone is exactly what you need.

Choose A Purpose

Before you pull the trigger and go live, be sure you have a general understanding of what you are going to cover. What’s the purpose behind you going live? Understanding your purpose and reasoning will make your broadcast go smoothly. Not only should you have topics decided, but you should plan a few questions to ask your audience to spark some interaction.

Practice Makes Perfect

There is no shame of running through a practice broadcast when the cameras are off. If this will make you feel more comfortable when you do see that red light go on, by all means, do it!  A little practice never hurt anyone…right?

Interact With Your Audience

If you are just starting Facebook Live, you may not have a huge audience just yet, but it is imperative to interact with the viewers you do have tuning in. Greet them! Make your viewers feel like they are a part of your broadcast. Ask questions like, “Where are you watching us from?” This sparks conversation and you’ll see comments start to trickle in. Then, acknowledge the answer, making them feel further engaged.

Keep New Viewers Up To Speed

Viewers will come and go quickly and pop in randomly during your conversation. Be sure to continuously remind your audience what is being shared. A simple, “For those of you just tuning in, we are discussing..” will do the trick!

Be Confident

If there’s one piece of advice you can take away from this, I hope it is this one. Be confident when you are broadcasting. It may seem completely unnatural at first, but hang in there! Facebook Live is a great tool to communicate with your audience on a more “real” level. No definite scripts. Be yourself and be confident, and this tool will do wonders for you and your business!


For more tips on Facebook Live or any assistance with your company’s social media, call SDB Creative Group today!


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