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Lead Conversion is the process of converting a lead into an account, contact, and/or opportunity. Companies have and continue to primarily rely on sales staff for lead conversion. What most companies do not realize is this: Their website should and could be their top salesperson.

Having a website and driving traffic to it is not good enough. Your website should be taking its traffic and turning it into leads and eventually customers. SDB Creative Group specializes in website lead conversion, turning your website visitors into qualified leads and customers who like and trust your business.

The first step with lead conversion on your website is attracting visitors. You cannot generate leads if you are not generating traffic to your site. You can learn more about driving traffic to your website here. Whether it is through paid search, organic search, blog content, social media, or e mail you must generate traffic to your website first.


Website users are skilled at finding the information they are looking for. They may not like to talk about it very much, but deep inside they know there are no secrets on the internet. They also know they can find anything they are looking for, and it usually will not take much effort.

Your website needs to rich in organized, quality content, and it should be visually appealing. All visitors to your website should easily be able to see exactly what you have to offer them.


This is the secret to website lead conversion. Your content can be great and illustrate you are an expert and trusted source, but what do you gain if you do not know who is viewing it? You have to give visitors a good enough reason to give their information to you. This is accomplished by providing special offers to your visitors. Your special offer could be a discount, coupon, free e book, step-by-step guide, etc. There are plenty of options for every business, and most will not cost you anything.

It must be a good enough offer for the website visitor to let go of their personal information, usually name, email and phone number. Visitors understand that if they give you their information, they are going to be receiving more communication from you. This is the price they are paying for your offer. Make it worth it. These special offers should be available on every page of your website. You may want to organize your site in a way that has several different offers shuffled throughout your website. Give them a reason to convert on every page, even if it is a contact form.


What do people do when they need to find a phone number, research a product, or are wanting information? They pull out their smartphone or open their internet browser and Google it. They usually make a decision on what website they are going to visit on the first page of search results. It’s that simple. If your website is not set up to rank on the first page, and turn visitors into leads, you are losing business. SDB Creative Group specializes in website lead conversion, turning your website visitors into qualified leads and customers who like and trust your business. Learn more today by scheduling an in-depth consultation on website lead conversion.