Lead Conversion Defined

Lead Conversion is the process of converting a lead into an account, contact, and/or opportunity. Companies have and continue to primarily rely on sales staff for lead conversion. What most companies do not realize is this: Their website should and could be their top salesperson.

Having a website and driving traffic to it is not good enough. Your website should be taking its traffic and turning it into leads and eventually customers. SDB Creative Group specializes in website lead conversion, turning your website visitors into qualified leads and customers who like and trust your business.

The first step with lead conversion on your website is attracting visitors. You cannot generate leads if you are not generating traffic to your site. You can learn more about driving traffic to your website here. Whether it is through paid search, organic search, blog content, social media, or e mail you must generate traffic to your website first.

Make The Content Easy To Find

Website users are skilled at finding the information they are looking for. They may not like to talk about it very much, but deep inside they know there are no secrets on the internet. They also know they can find anything they are looking for, and it usually will not take much effort. Especially with the options available today!

Your website needs to rich in organized, quality content, and it should be visually appealing. All visitors to your website should easily be able to see exactly what you have to offer them. (If you’re interested in more website “must-haves,” download our eBook, “25 Website Must Haves” by clicking the image below).

Stay Tuned For More

Don’t worry, there’s more to come on lead conversion in Monday’s blog. Stayed tuned for “Lead Conversion: Part 2.” We explore how to really give people what they want, and how to make them choose YOU first.

At SDB, we use the “inbound methodology” for lead/sales generation. You may find that it helps your business too! It’s all about understanding your customer, what they want, and when they want it. Get in their heads and give them what they want. To better understand your customer, take a look at our inbound methodology eBook. Click on the image below.

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