From Google Plus to Facebook and Twitter, the world of social media has taken us all by storm. As a LASIK Center, which platforms should you use? And how should you manage these platforms? Find out how LASIK Centers can use social media!

Google Plus

Yes, there is very little engagement on Google Plus. BUT, at the end of the day, it’s a “social” media platform controlled by Google. What does this mean? Each time a map is searched, each time you receive a review on Google, every Google search will result in your Google Plus Page. So how can you utilize this platform? Make sure your Google Plus is claimed, and that your information is accurate (pictures, hours, videos, social media URLS, etc.) Post relevant content as well as pictures and videos captioned with keywords. Finally, ask for Google reviews from your (happy) patients to help boost SEO and help potential patients make a decision.


Yep, you guessed it. It’s hard to manage successful social media without Facebook. It’s the number one used social media platform, so use it accordingly. Make sure your Facebook profile is a “page” that fans “like,” not a personal page that you have to add/decline friend requests. Additionally, post to your Facebook page as much as 2 times a day, 7 times a week (but at least once a day, five days a week). Also, find out when your fans are on Facebook by examining your Facebook “insights” (it’s a tab at the top of your admin panel) and focus posts during that time. And most importantly, keep posts both direct and indirect (meaning content about you and content about your consumer). It is very easy to use Facebook for self-promotion, and while that is okay every once in awhile (maybe 4-5 posts/week) remember to post content that is relevant to your industry without being solely about you or your practice. Anything that promotes conversation or engagement is a score!


Depending on your location, Twitter may or may not be extremely prominent. However, if Twitter isn’t “all the rage” in your area, it will be. So get a head start and create a profile! After creating your profile, add your business information and an appealing header image (it’s like a Facebook cover photo). Once you have a profile up and running, you can post 10-12 times a day! Twitter is based on more of a “current” feed than any other social media platform, so it’s okay to post to it more often (but don’t forget about direct and indirect content!) For more information on how to get set up on Twitter, check out our blog, Twitter Tweet Tweet.

Build A Following

How LASIK Centers can use social media is a critical component of a digital marketing plan. In addition to creating and managing the above platforms, don’t forget to cross promote from one to the other to build a following. Speaking of building a following, what’s your existing social media like? We’d be happy to tell you! Fill out the form below to have someone contact you for a free social media analysis!

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