A landing page is the page on a website that appears after an online ad, email, or promotional URL, encouraging a certain action. Think of a landing page as a modern-day sales pitch. Landing pages are your way of converting pursuing an online visitor to purchase/download/subscribe etc. your offer. So, it needs to be pretty convincing…but how?

Dos & Don’ts

Landing page optimizing can be tricky, but if done right, it can enhance a customer’s experience, build trust, maximize campaign ROI, improve your site’s usability, and increase your conversion rates (and in turn, sales). Let’s discuss some dos and don’ts for landing page optimizing.


  • Establish a clear value proposition
  • Provide a clear call to action
  • Balance content and images, along with a user-friendly layout
  • Remove distractions (links, social media icons, etc.)
  • Use testimonials
  • TEST (be sure each component of your landing page works and links correctly)


  • Don’t ask for too much information, only what is absolutely necessary
  • Don’t use a bad headline (use one that states the value and grabs attention)
  • Don’t use main homepage as a landing page
  • Don’t use poor form (one that isn’t user-friendly)
  • Don’t disconnect between an ad and the landing page
  • Don’t put the call to action below the fold

That’s What We’re All About!

Landing page optimizing is critical to lead conversion. And lead conversion is critical to increased sales. So by practicing correct landing page optimizing, you’ll have a better chance of increasing sales. And that’s what we’re all about! So go ahead, make some of these changes to your existing landing pages and watch your conversion rate increase. If you’d like more information on landing page optimizing, download our inbound methodology eBook by clicking the image or filling out the form below.

Happy optimizing!

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