Back in the day (i.e.1996), I worked for a wedding photographer in Florida. It was a fun job, working in a specialized industry that was teetering on the edge of BIG change. We were still using 35mm film and what that meant to a wedding photographer was, “You better get this right the first time, because if you screw it up there is no reshoot.” No pressure! Knowing just enough to be dangerous was, well, dangerous.

We used to send four or five photographers out on the weekends to shoot various weddings and the middle of the week after, the proofs came back. We would open these envelopes with extreme trepidation and breathe a sigh of relief if the proofs were beautiful, or go into a mad panic if the Bride was blinking, too dark, blurry or some other awful calamity. Then, pre-Photoshop, we would scramble to do whatever ever we could to make the photos perfect, which in those days, wasn’t much.

Fast forward to the digital age…..and now the whole world is a photographer! We can snap a picture and with our new tools we can crop, resize, make someone fatter, thinner, lose wrinkles, widen eyes, whiten teeth , change hue, tone , tint , fade, add text , crop someone out, add someone in, put a person in front of the Eiffel tower, basically, we can do anything. The camera doesn’t lie? (sure it does!)

My 17 year old can make a pretty good video on her Mac book, she can add a music bed, graphics, voice over, can slow it down, speed it up, fade in or fade out. A 5 year old can take a decent pic on an iPhone and use the editing tools!

We can all Google anything we want to or YouTube a ‘how to’. Suddenly everybody is a graphic designer, a marketing strategist, a web designer, a video editor, a social media expert. What has happened? …. WE ALL KNOW JUST ENOUGH TO BE DANGEROUS, i.e. we don’t quite know all we need to, but we know just enough to get into trouble.

I can’t tell you the times I’ve had clients say to me to following:

  • “I designed our last business cards myself online, only $29.99 for 5000”
  • “We designed our own website online”
  • “We found a company online in Canada to do our website”
  • “The girl on the front desk does our social media”
  • “My son shot our video, it’s a little rough but you get the message”
  • “I just drew that logo on day, looks pretty good huh?”

When I needed my Daughter’s senior photos taken recently, could I have taken them myself and saved a few bucks? Maybe ~ but as I watched the Photographer position her with such precision, talk to her, encourage her, give her little tips on how to move her body, elongate her neck, point her chin, use the light, it was clear that I had made the right decision in hiring an EXPERT. Some people just have a talent to get the best from people, to make the right decision and to just plain do what they do best.

At the end of the day, it’s best to do just that. Don’t try to be a Jack of all trades. Don’t do it yourself, or go the cheap way out. In the long run, it pays to hire a professional. We all know you could probably do it yourself, after painstaking research and a whole lot of time, sleepless nights, tearing out hair and spouting of expletives, but should you? You could represent yourself in Court too or install your own septic tank, but should you? A resounding ‘NO’ says every professional out there!

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