As both marketers and salespeople, it is important to know your prospective customers and fill their needs, specific to their position in the buying process, also known as the sales funnel. If salespeople can develop this sense of understanding and cater to the leads they generate, those leads have a higher chance of becoming closed sales.

Top of the Sales Funnel

The first position in the sales funnel is the top portion, also known as TOFU. This position consists of a large pool of potential customers, however, most are unqualified. As a salesperson, you must qualify those leads. You can do this by answering their questions and giving them solutions to their problems. Where do the majority of these leads begin their search? Online. So, in an attempt for leads to find you, you must provide keyword-rich content in the form of blogs, eBooks, checklists, etc. Give the leads you generate educational offers that are valuable to them and their specific need.

Middle of the Sales Funnel

After moving from the top of the sales funnel, leads will continue to move to the middle of the sales funnel. At this stage of the buying process, you should be able get contact information from a lead and deliver segmented content to them. The process of getting contact information can be done by the lead finding a relevant offer your company has provided, and filling out a contact form in order to get that offer. The middle of the sales funnel can also be seen as a “lead nurturing” stage, where you should become the thought leader to the lead you’ve generated.

Bottom of the Sales Funnel

By the next stage in the buying process, the bottom of the sales funnel, your lead should be entirely qualified to result in a sale. The bottom of the sales funnel is where you consult with leads, provide them with pricing and product information, and eventually close a sale. However, the buying process should not end with a sale. This is where a salesperson should focus on retaining the customers they’ve generated. Continuing to provide useful, educational content that is considered valuable to your customer will ensure they come back to you for more.

Seem complicated? It doesn’t have to be! The sales funnel is what makes the concept of inbound marketing so effective. Not sure where to start? Download our Inbound Marketing Checklist HERE to begin.

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