Yesterday, I told you a little about ranking for certain keywords, or search terms, and how relevance matters. Well, I’m back today with more information not only only keyword research, but on how to conduct the keyword research that will benefit your business.

Keyword Research Defined

First of all, what is keyword research? Keyword research is the process of researching the search terms that people enter into search engines in an attempt to rank higher in search engine results.

Why Do Keyword Research?

Ranking for the right keywords can make or break your website. For example, yesterday I explained that as a fly fishing company, you would not want to rank for Justin Bieber. It’s obvious that it’s entirely irrelevant to your products or services.

Let me give you a more realistic example: say you’re a company who provides electrical services. You want to rank for terms such as “electricians,” “electrical service,” “electricity work,” etc. However, do you want to target people who are searching for jobs? If not, the phrase “electricity work” is not something you want to rank for…your efforts are better placed with a phrase like “work on my electricity.” This conveys the same meaning without wasting your time on job hunters.

Keyword WHAT?

Let us tell you more...

By doing keyword research, you can not only increase your SEO, but you can learn about your customers as a whole.

Long Tail VS. Short Tail

When you start to look into keywords, you’ll come across the terms “long tail” and “short tail.” Long tail keywords are simply the keyword phrases as opposed to words. For example, “electrical companies near me” is a long tail keyword, while “electrical” is a short tail keyword. These two types of keywords have different levels of demand. Typically, long tail keywords are less competitive and convert better. Why? The more words you combine together, the less exact match searches there will be. So why invest in long tail keywords? Think about it. Long tail keywords will usually convert better because they catch people later in the buying cycle. Starting out, you may just search “electrical” but ultimately end up searching “electrical companies near me.” You’re most likely convert on that second search.

But Wait.

Don’t worry, there’s more keyword research information to come. Stay tuned tomorrow and we’ll tell you how & when to conduct keyword research…it will be worth the wait!

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