This year, for our Thanksgiving blog series, the SDB team has decided to share a funny Thanksgiving memory. So, if you think your family is crazy, sit back and have a laugh at our expense!

In an attempt to spare my own family any viral embarrassment, I’m actually using a Thanksgiving memory from my boyfriend’s family. But don’t worry, it’s better than anything my family could come up with.

Here it goes…

It’s important to note that my boyfriend’s parents raised their boys right. They are the most polite, well-mannered gentlemen I have ever been around (it’s been years since I’ve opened my own car door). So, especially at Thanksgiving dinner, the brothers, Cameron and Triston, are extremely polite. To a fault.

Cameron, being the prankster that he is, decided to disguise Triston’s dessert (knowing full well he would eat anything that was served to him in an attempt to be gracious). What was supposed to be vanilla ice cream was actually two heaping scoopfuls of butter. I have to admit, Cameron did a really convincing job of making it look like ice cream. He served the family their bowls, Triston’s last, and had a seat.

Everyone began enjoying their dessert….including Triston.

“Wow! This ice cream is delicious!” the table agreed, knowing full well that Triston was eating globs of butter. Triston chimes in, “Yeah, it’s really creamy, huh?” The family continues for another bite or two until Cameron can’t hold it in any longer. “Triston,” Cameron says. “You’re eating butter.” Triston looks down at his half-eaten bowl of “ice cream” and gives Cameron a look of both disgust and pride. Disgust because he obviously had just eaten butter, but pride because Cameron got him…good.

Triston has yet to get Cameron back. It’s almost too hard to do. But I have faith in Triston. With a new year comes new opportunity.

Hoping your Thanksgiving is full of joy & laughs…just like mine was! Happy Thanksgiving, everyone!

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