If you missed yesterday’s post, you may be wondering what the heck “Kelsie’s Kronicles” is about…any way we’re spelling Chronicles wrong.

Let me catch you up.

I (Kelsie) am taking a backseat to being a marketer for the sake of this blog series. I’m speaking from solely a consumer standpoint in an attempt to show you how effective marketing can be.

Ready? Let’s go.

Marketing Works: Example One

I’ve been dreaming of a pink Christmas since I purchased my home last July. By that, I mean I wanted pink Christmas lights on my house. Yes, pink.

I knew that if I wanted pink Christmas lights, I would most likely have to look online. (Let’s face it, pink Christmas lights are kind of taste specific. I wouldn’t expect to find them just anywhere.)

So my search began. I “Googled” pink Christmas lights and was (surprisingly) directed to a large selection of websites selling pink Christmas lights. However, I didn’t have time to scroll up and down the page (much less through multiple pages), so what did I do?

Marketing Works.

Don't believe us? Just watch.

Yep. I clicked on the first listing. In fact, it was titled “Novelty Pink Christmas Lights.”

I followed the link and was immediately directed to exactly what I wanted…a beautiful string of C9 bright pink Christmas lights.


Right in my shopping cart they went. Not only that, but after adding the lights to my shopping cart, they reminded me (oh so kindly) via an automatic prompt that I needed the clips to clip the lights onto my house! So, those went into my cart as well.

My dreams of a pink Christmas were slowly coming true!

(Now I just have to convince the boyfriend to put them on my house…)

The Point

The point of my pink Christmas story? Marketing works. Thanks to the strategic placement of their online ad (and the structure of the automatic reminder that I needed clips), this company gained my attention and earned my business.

I hope my story helped you to see that marketing works. People are online (only a select few looking for pink Christmas lights, I’m sure) and your marketing should be too. It’s as simple as that.

…but it doesn’t stop there! Stay tuned for more ridiculous examples of how marketing works to come! In the meantime, you can contact us by submitting the form above!

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