My sweet mother is the most adorable thing.

She starts asking me what I want for Christmas literally months before. She wants to get me something I will be excited about getting…

…but there’s a problem.

I’m 23 years old. If I need something, I go out and get it. Never does the thought “oh, I’ll wait until Christmas” cross my mind. Sorry, mom.

However, this year, (yes, she’s already asked me what I want for Christmas) I decided I would be conscious to find something I could tell her. I wanted to make her Christmas wish come true.

(Here’s where you laugh at my lame joke.)

So, I hadn’t made the effort of searching for something I wanted yet (I mean, it’s barely November), but I was scrolling through my Facebook newsfeed the other day and noticed beautiful, curly locks of blonde hair come across my screen. Of course it got my attention, because her curls were gorgeous! Like, someone with nappy hair like mine would only dream of curls like this.

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So I obviously wondered what she did to get such incredible golden locks. Turns out, it was an ad for a curling iron with a special wand that (seemingly) easily curls your hair to look like a goddess.

Yes, I did watch every video on their website to figure out this miracle contraption.

What was my first instinct? Add to cart! Let’s get this bad boy!

Hold the phone.

This “miracle contraption” came at a cost. A cost I wasn’t quite willing to pay…

But of course, I was already convinced I needed this tool and that my life would be incomplete without it. My second instinct? Christmas, duh!

So, with the help of this Facebook ad, my mom and I’s Christmas wishes will come true.

The Point

So, besides showing you what a brat I am, this blog was written to put into relatable terms how (modern day) ads can increase your sales. The days of people flipping through a catalog and calling to place an order are gone. That’s just not how it works anymore…because that’s not how WE work anymore. We want instant gratification (remember “add to cart!”) and we want OUR shopping to be on OUR terms on OUR devices.

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& stay tuned for Kelsie’s Kronicles: Part Four tomorrow!


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