Let me first start by saying, I know that the word Kronicles in the title is spelled wrong.

And let me also tell you that it pained me to do it, but what can I say? I love alliteration.

This week, I’m taking a backseat as a marketer. I’m putting on my consumer hat.

Why, you ask?

In an attempt to be entirely objective and show you real life instances of marketing actually working. Because at the end of the day, I’m a consumer, too.

I love to get the comment/question from clients and friends, “Yeah, I read your blogs. I know Internet marketing is the way of the world, blah blah. But does marketing actually work?”

To be honest, this question gets me kind of giddy.

Once I put a “real life” success behind a marketing effort, it becomes strikingly clear to them and the lights come on upstairs. Hook, line, sinker.

That’s the key to any business really, isn’t it? Putting what you do in “relatable terms” to help your customer (or future customer) understand how what you do can help them. When that person understands the true benefit behind your services, they value the benefit you provide and keep coming back for more.

Does Marketing Actually Work?

Yes. We'll prove it!

So, for blog content’s sake, I’m going to pretend you asked me my favorite question:

“Does marketing actually work?”

Except it’s going to take me a week to answer it because I’ve got 4 relatable examples for ya. I’m talking so relatable and relevant that you’ll be checking in all week to see the next example of marketing working in real life.

(That’s the plan anyways…)

So here it goes.

Give me a chance to prove that marketing works. You’ll be glad you did.

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