Don’t worry, dear readers, I’ve got another story for you.

(I know you were concerned.)

If you’ve missed out on my pink Christmas light dream or my life changing curling iron, well, you’ve missed out. I’m taking a backseat to being a marketer and explaining some real-life consumer experiences that go to show just how effective marketing can be!

So I enjoy grocery shopping, I really do.

I know that’s so strange, but it’s true. However, when I saw a promotion for Hello Fresh, I couldn’t resist. For those of you who don’t know, Hello Fresh is a company that delivers pre-prepared meals straight to your door. By “pre-prepared” I mean they literally deliver everything you could possibly need for these (very unique) meals.

Marketing Can Grow Your Business

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For example, last night we had chicken meatballs with potato gnocchi (?) and spinach. It was delightful.

So anyways, the reason I even entertained the idea of ordering meals from Hello Fresh was because I saw an ad on Instagram (Get your first 3 meals FREE!)…I followed the link, checked it out, and decided I’d give it a try! And I’m glad I did…because I would have never tried potato gnocchi on my own.

Again, thanks to the strategic placement of Hello Fresh’s ad on Instagram, they earned my attention and gained my business.

Effective marketing will grow your business. Plain and simple. However, please note the key word there: effective. Not just any “marketing” will cut it. You can’t create a Facebook page that you post to once a week and expect to see hot leads left and right. It just doesn’t work that way.

But lucky for you, we’re in the business of effective marketing. We will strategically come up with a plan, specific to the needs of your business (and more importantly, specific to the needs of your customers). Ready to get started? Submit the form above!


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