As promised, I’m approaching various advertising methods and marketing media (with an open mind) in an attempt to improve the exposure of your business. And today, we begin with the phone book, or more specifically, The Yellow Pages…

Depending on your age, you may or may not have used a phone book. Being 23 years old, I hardly ever used a phone book. By the time I was actually old enough to make phone calls, I could use the Internet. So what did I do?

Googled it.

So, I’m pretty close minded to the phone book and Yellow Pages. However, for the sake of my “Kelsie Does” blog series, I’m approaching this marketing media from a different perspective…an open perspective.

I began my research on how often the Yellow Pages are used and by whom. From what I found, the Yellow Pages are declining an average of 10-12% per year. The primary age group still using the Yellow Pages? 60 and older. So from what I found, I decided to make a list of pros and cons of advertising in the Yellow Pages.


  • Not changing marketing media, there is comfort in consistency.
  • If your target age demographic is over 60, then maybe advertising in the Yellow Pages is right for you.


  • It’s hard to measure the effectiveness of the Yellow Pages.
  • Phone books are on their death bed, so to speak. It’s hard to spend money on a dying media.
  • It’s expensive! Due to declining sales, advertising in the Yellow Pages is more expensive than ever (and you have to sign an annual contract).

We Know What Will Work For You.

But you have to contact us to find out!

From the information I gathered, advertising in the Yellow Pages is not a good marketing move. However, the Yellow Page app can be an effective way to market your business. The Yellow Pages saw that phone book usage was declining and adapted accordingly…by developing something that people actually use, an app.

In fact, mobile app advertising is absolutely something that your business should take advantage of. (Stay tuned for a mega mobile blog series next week!)

So, all of that being said, is advertising in the Yellow Pages a good way to advertise your business? From my research and experience, I say no. Advertising on their mobile app? Perhaps. However, I would not solely advertise on any one mobile app. For maximum effectiveness, your mobile spend should be spread across multiple apps. And that’s my first piece of “Kelsie Does” advice!

There’s more to come tomorrow…stay tuned for Kelsie Does: Newspaper.

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