Imagine this:

You’ve decided you’re going to be a cake baker. Awesome. You can’t just dive into the world of cake baking without some necessary tools, right? So what do you do? Consult the World Wide Web, of course!

You’re all over the Internet, scouring what you’ll need for your newfound profession. But sheesh, this is a lot of work! Time for a break!

You click out of all your cake baking research tabs and log in to Facebook. You’re scrolling through your newsfeed, getting caught up on your (not so) social life, and BAM!

You see an ad along the right side of your page for the exact stand mixer you were researching. What a coincidence!

But you keep scrolling and again…BAM! Another ad appears, this time in the middle of your page, advertising the spatula you were considering. Guess it’s fate! You knew you and that spatula were meant to be! You click the ad, add the spatula to your cart and you’re on your happy way to becoming a cake baker!

Sound familiar?

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Maybe you didn’t actually end up purchasing the item, but you may have noticed various ads show up in your browser after researching a certain product or service. What gives?

Well folks, this isn’t coincidence. In fact, you’re being targeted with a specific type of advertising.

Retargeting Ads

Retargeting ads allow marketers to place a pixel on their website and then deliver ads to someone who has visited that website by adding a “cookie” to the visitor’s browser.

Wait. What?

In English, that means there’s a type of marketing that can track what you’re looking at and then send those ads back to you in an attempt to get you to make a purchase.

Crazy, I know.

This may be creepy as a consumer, but it’s pretty awesome as an advertiser. It’s an opportunity to reach someone who has already expressed interest in your business.

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