This week, we’ve talked about how to get back your productivity and motivation when you’ve hit a mental block. However, you can’t talk about those two issues without talking about how to jump start creativity. It’s the cornerstone of building a unique ideas. So let’s get to it!

Find Your Muse

If I start getting a brain block on a project, my initial plan is to make a list. However, when that step fails, I allow myself a 10-15 minute brain break. I look at pretty pictures on Instagram, read a non-serious article (hellllllo, Buzzfeed!), and basically allow myself a few moment of distraction so I can get my head in the right place.

Listening to music is also a great way to re-center yourself creatively. Music can genuinely spark ideas and improve your mood. Regardless of how you get inspired, it’s important to surround yourself with various ways of getting to that point.

Write About It

I spend a lot of my time writing. While the majority of that writing is social media posts and blogging for SDB and our clients, I try to take a couple of days a week to just let it out. I have a journal that I use to scribble out whatever is in my head, draw some doodles, or just whatever comes to mind. Writing about something that I don’t have to write about is a good way to clear out mental road blocks. This actually makes me a better professional writer and opens up my brain to come up with really great content for our clients.

Having A Hard Time With Creativity?

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Take A Little Trip

Whether it’s an actual road trip or just a mini-picnic in the park during lunch, it’s important to get away from your workspace occasionally. Taking a stroll through a museum, visiting your local gardening center, or popping into a craft store can kick up your creative juices. When you’re hyper-focused on finishing a project, it’s easy to lose the extra layer of innovation and creativity you need to make it special.

Map It Out

If you read my blog better business tips, you know I’m a huge fan of apps and software. One of the best concepts I’ve ever been introduced to is called mind mapping. This concepts uses colors, lines, and media to help you see an idea through. I utilize a software program called SimpleMind+, which offers both a desktop and mobile app.

I hope you’ve found this blog series helpful, especially if you’re in an odd place as far as needing to jump start creativity, motivation, or productivity. Simply writing this series has helped kick writer’s block out of my head. So bring it on…I’ve got LOADS of ideas!

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