They say you should give the busiest person the most work, because they’ll be sure to get it done. An IT person is as busy as they come, efficiently fixes problems and is a whiz with technology. This makes them the perfect person for marketing, right? Here are some reasons why the IT guy is should absolutely be running your marketing.

Because When Posting A Blog, A Virus Can Wait

Outages and malfunctions are never planned and usually happen at the most inconvenient times. Properly fixing unexpected network issues in a timely manner affects company workflow, daily productivity, and security of company and customer information. With responsibility like that, IT does not have time to make sure the company blog is updated, posted and optimized. Nor do they have the time it takes to run a successful marketing campaign for your business.

Because Creating An Internal Network And Creating A Website Is The Same

Website development and design is a whole new monster for IT; one that we at SDB have mastered! A website build requires time, communication and an eye for design. While connecting Wi-Fi is important, make sure that Wi-Fi is leading you to a top-notch website designed by people who know what they are doing!

Let IT Handle Your Marketing!

(Just kidding, contact us.)

Because If It’s On A Computer, IT Can Handle It

IT guy running your marketing

Your IT guy should definitely be running your marketing…here’s why!

Digital marketing and online advertising requires a level of computer knowledge, but an even higher level of consumer behavior and marketing strategy. Just because a computer is involved, does not mean your IT person should be running your marketing. They will not be able to effectively manage online advertisements or create fresh and interesting content for your company’s website. It’s best to leave that to actual marketing professionals, like SDB!

At SDB Creative Group, we know what it takes to make your marketing campaigns successful. We know how to affectively draw in the right audience for your business. Let us help you to successfully drive new customers to your business with our expertise! If you are interested in learning more about what we offer, please fill out the form above. We are here to further your company’s success. Let’s get started today!

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