Guess what?! I just got back from vacation…again! Our annual family river trip was a blast, as always. As usual, my travels inspire my blog posts. This year’s trip really made me think about one question: “Is your marketing evolving?”

Every year since I was ten, my family has traveled to central Texas to float the Frio River (don’t be fresh and ask me how many years that’s been…a lady never tells!). Let’s just say we’ve been going long enough to know what we’re doing. We’ve got this whole thing down to a science.

Our family has really moved it on up since we first started. For example:

Is Your Marketing Evolving?

Our newest & littlest river rat!

  • When we first started, we stayed in primitive two bedroom cabins. For last three years, we’ve luxuriated in a six-bedroom, five-bathroom house tucked into the woods.
  • We rented tubes the first several years of our trip. We are now the proud owners of all of our float tubes, an air compressor, a stereo cooler, a canopy, and enough law chairs to seat an army.
  • These trips have been just adults for the last 5 years or so. This year, we had three infants (we’re all so in looooove with those babies!).

All of these changes we’ve seen in the last several years made me think of marketing tactics. So many people are invested in a particular way of doing things. That strategy can easily make you complacent. Putting blinders over your eyes to a new way of doing things can be incredibly detrimental to your business.

Leave The Daydreaming To Jimmy Buffett.

Don't Let Your Marketing Get Stuck In Margaritaville!

Years ago, advertisements were located in newspapers…then magazines…then radio…then television. Today, more and more marketing is being migrated into cyberspace. Simply put, the digital age is here to stay. Your marketing plan has to move along with the times to keep from being left behind.

Ways SDB Can Help You Improve

  • We offer consulting to compare your current plan with where you need to be. We evaluate your budget, your creative sets, and your goals to ensure you’re maximizing your efforts.
  • Our team provides innovative, creative solutions (yep, that’s why “creative” is in our name!) to overcome any hurdles.
  • SDB’s group outlines a plan of action by evaluating competitors to help you meet your goals.

We’re experienced in constantly evolving marketing and advertising. Staying stagnant (not at all like the Frio River) can leave your business stranded on the rocks. SDB wants to see your company grow. Fill out the form above to ask us more!

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