We have become a very mobile society. Whether we’re on our smartphones, tablets or laptops, we’re now receiving more information than ever as we’re on the go. This poses the question: Is your Marketing Mobile?

When people think of Mobile Marketing, most people automatically think of mobile websites, but there’s more to the puzzle.

QR (Quick Response) Codes are an easy addition to any mobile marketing promotion or campaign. You’ve probably seen these codes while you’re shopping at Best Buy or Home Depot. By placing these codes on many products, consumers at these stores are able to use their mobile phones to make immediate buying decisions based on the information the code gives them.

These codes are also great for discounts & promotions: “Scan this code to see if you’re a winner!” “Scan here for a discount.”

Another great addition to any campaign that you’ve heard us talk about often is texting. Texting or SMS campaigns are a great way to grow a mobile database while also offering some great information, gathering more information or just having fun.

Considering most of us are attached to our cell phones, one of the most intrusive new marketing tools is the simple text message. We may ignore emails or throw away direct mail pieces or change the channel when a commercial comes on, but nine times out of ten, we’ll read our text messages.

There are so many uses for text marketing:

  • To gather information about your audience – ask them questions, gather their email address, etc.
  • Coupons – ‘Show this text to receive a free widget.’
  • Contests – ‘Reply with the answer to this question for a chance to win a widget!’
  • Send your audience to your website or to your social media pages – increase site traffic, increase fans and followers
  • Use internally – get quick messages out to your employees in times of emergencies or inclement weather

Another mobile marketing option is utilizing location-based apps or programs. Have you seen your Facebook friends ‘check-in’ from various restaurants, retail locations or events? With a simple ‘check-in’ from customers, your business location is automatically broadcast with a link and a map. Why not capitalize on this?

There are many different apps that encourage checking-in along with incentives. Apps like Foursquare, Facebook Places, SCVNGR & others offer businesses the opportunity to create deals, specials or other incentives just for checking-in. It’s easy, quick and creates instant brand ambassadors for your company.

We could continue to list the other mobile marketing services, but you get the idea. If you do want more information, give us a call. Let us show you how we can integrate traditional, social and mobile into one powerful marketing campaign. Call SDB Creative Group at 432.218.6736 or email info@sdbcreativegroup.com

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