We work with a lot of different companies, and we share in their happiness when a particular campaign does really well or when they’re seeing more business as a direct result of advertising. But as you know, you can never rest on your laurels.  Even with great success, there must be a continual effort made to keep things fresh and interesting, especially when there’s always so much information competing for people’s attention. Is it time for a website redesign?

Keeping things fresh and interesting definitely applies to your website. Periodically a website redesign is needed  to revamp at least some of your key pages, and it has proven benefits. Marketing research studies have shown that when companies refresh and enhance their websites, it improves website traffic by up to 25%. That’s 25% more individuals checking out what you have to offer or what product or service will benefit them.

Many large corporations go through a website redesign at least every two years because they know that if they don’t, people will tire of seeing the same-old same-old and could switch to competitors’ brands.  To avoid this happening to you we recommend visiting with us about your current website and what could be done to improve it.

6 things to include in your website redesign:

  1. A better overall look
  2. Easier navigation
  3. Internal coding for mobile
  4. Optimization for SEO
  5. Smart content
  6. Ways to personalize pages for unique user experiences

One nice thing to consider is even during your website redesign; you won’t lose your current traffic. Gone are the days when you would try to access a website and see, “Under Construction.”  Today you are able to  prepare changes and see if it’s what you like before taking down your current content.  You even have the capability to build a brand new website that is live but unavailable to public viewing so you can get it exactly like you want it before publishing.  This is a great tool because you can have others view it to provide input on design and function.  Always keep in mind how to make your business stand out from the crowd, get noticed, and show up high on search results.

Don’t know where to start?   No problem.  SDB Creative Group offers a complimentary website analysis.  Simply provide us with your contact information and current website address.  We will let you know exactly what you need to do to keep it current, interesting, and beneficial for you and your customers.

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