Yesterday, we talked about some life changing smartphone apps. Today, in continuation of our “Tech Tips” series, we are giving you some insightful iPhone hacks that even the most “techie” of us didn’t know! Check ’em out!

Quick Charge

In a bind and need your phone charged quickly? Switch it into airplane mode! The battery will charge much faster.

Quick Swipe

While we’re talking about doing things quickly, did you know you can quickly and easily access some of the most practical apps just by sliding your thumb from the bottom of your screen up? That’s right, you can get to your stopwatch, wifi, calculator, camera, and even your flashlight all with a quick swipe!

Reveal Timestamps

Wondering what time a text was sent? Wonder no more! Just swipe left on the text in the text screen. The time will instantly be revealed, just like magic.

Turn Off Autofocus

Annoyed by autofocus on your camera? You can turn off your iPhone’s autofocus when the nagging little feature gets in the way! In camera mode, just hold the screen until you see “AE/AF Lock.”

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Take A Series

Did you know if you hold down the Capture button when using your iPhone camera, your phone will automatically take a series of photos? Then you have a variety to choose from!

Tell Siri Your Relationships

C’mon, Siri deserves to know about the most important people in your life, don’t you think? Siri can call “dad” (or anyone else for that matter) with one easy hack. Ask Siri to call your “dad” and your iPhone should respond by asking who your father is. Match the right contact and it’ll only take a “Call dad” to get pops on the line. Next time Siri will reach your dad straightaway.

Have Siri Check Twitter

Let’s put Siri to work. Why open your Twitter app when Siri can tell you what’s going on? Just say “what is SDB Creative Group saying” and you’ll see a list of our recent tweets.

But stay tuned, there’s more to come in our “Tech Tips” series! If you need us in the meantime, be sure to contact us via the contact form above!


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