November 17

Marked opening day of Snapchat’s Snapcash feature. With over a million views on YouTube things are looking up for team Snapchat. But what is its future? Will it be able to compare to the already existing Venmo and Square Cash?


The app is made simple. By swiping left and you can send cash in the middle of a conversation by typing a “$” in front of an amount. Simple right? BUT there seems to be an issue with the way you can send money. Lets say for example you are discussing how much you owe your friend via text on Snapchat. As soon as you type the amount with a dollar sign in front it sends! Be cautious of typos!

New Generation

Snapchat is the perfect example of the tech generation. Simply sending money to friends in the blink of an eye makes life just a little less complicated. Sooner or later Snapchat may just become the all-in-one app: bank, picture sharing, texting… who knows what’s next.


So what can we expect from this new app against its competitors? Well, we can defiantly predict a younger market using Snapcash. Ranging from ages of 10-30. Parents, make sure it isn’t your card linked!


My prediction. Did you see the latest advertisement on SnapChat for the new Dumb and Dumber Too? SnapChat is a great way to get your company name out there, especially with a younger target group. With this new SnapCash, we may even see shopping available. Time will tell.

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