Last week Google executive chairman Eric Schmidt made a shocking comment about the future of the Internet is that it will be no longer! He actually said the internet will disappear!

Let me explain.

During this World Economic Forum in Switzerland Schmidt began to talk about his predictions for the future. Now, there will be Internet, as Schmidt believes, but it will be something of our everyday lives. So much that we will not even notice the Internet is there.

Weather it is all throughout your home, running the car you are driving, or in the form of a wearable the Internet will become more than it ever was.

With the Internet being seamlessly integrated into our everyday lives it will simply fade into the background. Just like you feel “naked” without your phone, the Internet is simply part of our daily lives.

The Internet is already around us, it is excited to see where it will grow.

Maybe you can be at the forefront of the Internet “boom” to come!

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