Mastered Mobile Marketing Yet? – Better Hurry; Here Comes The Internet of Things

If you’ve been in a coma the last five or six years, you might not realize that “everyone” has Internet connected phones, which they use to research and buy stuff. Over a third of Americans use a mobile device as their primary connection to the Internet. And yet, there are still businesses that don’t provide a mobile optimized experience to their online visitors. Amazing.

If your business is guilty, you’d better get a move on mobile marketing, because “things” are about to get a lot more mobile – welcome to The Internet of Things.

Wikipedia describes “The Internet of Things (IofT) as “the interconnection of uniquely identifiable embedded computing-like devices within the existing Internet infrastructure.” In non-geek terms, think of moving Internet-connected computing power to your clothes, watch, glasses, refrigerator, pill bottles, car…you get the pic. Instead of walking into traffic staring at your phone, IofT will provide a more “heads up” technology experience. Here are some examples:

  • Glasses that deliver data projected over reality, like the “heads-up” displays used by fighter pilots would mean no more walking into traffic while reading a tweet. They’ll also provide augmented reality services, like real-time translation of foreign language signs and books;
  • A refrigerator that texts or calls to remind you (or your care) to pick up some milk on the way home;
  • Shoes and wrist bands that monitor your biological statistics, as well as the surrounding environment; or,
  • A pill bottle top that reminds you to take your medication and allows your doctor or guardian to remotely monitor your medicinal use.

Connect all of these smart objects to the Internet, and this advanced connectivity of devices, systems, services and people is expected to usher in a new era of automation. Gartner Group estimates there will be 26 billion devices connected to the Internet of Things by 2020. (This is usually the part in sci-fi movies when the Internet becomes self-aware and attempts to exterminate mankind. But, that’s just movies…right?)

Internet of Things is such a complicated name, but I guess Skynet was already taken.

Jokes aside – businesses that are working to become adroit in the mobile marketing space should be able to see the incredible marketing opportunity such a future will provide. For example, why not offer a coupon to me for your brand when the refrigerator reminds me to pick up my usual brand of milk on the way home? (Maybe the coupon offer will be projected on the grocery store’s smart glass refrigerator door…)

Exciting stuff, but the IofT is still a little ways off. The question for you is, “what am I doing to leverage the mobile revolution occurring in marketing, right now?”

It may not be the Internet of Things, but almost 2 billion smart phones are in use worldwide. In America 90% of adults have a mobile phone, with almost 60% of them being “smart phones.” Over half of cell phone users access the Internet with their phones, while the number with smart phones is probably closer to 90%.

Get smart about mobile marketing.

SDB Creative Group has deep roots in traditional advertising and marketing, but we are moving aggressively into inbound marketing. Why? Because traditional advertising and marketing is broken, and inbound is the fix. There exists no more effective way to build brand and customer base. So take it from experts – it’s worth it to begin this journey and stay the course. If you don’t, your competitors will.

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