First, we’ll talk marketing. Then, we’ll talk March Madness.

As a business, where do you want to “place” your marketing? You want it placed where your customers can see it, right? I mean, if you’re paying money, you want it to be seen.

I like to use the “dentist chair example.” So, you’re at the dentist’s office and the hygienist lowers you back in the chair. Your head tilts up, your eyes open and BAM! On the ceiling is a poster for teeth whitening services offered by your dentist. You literally have no choice but to see the advertisement.

Well, if you aren’t a dentist (and even if you are!), where else can your advertisement be “placed” so that your customers can see it?

(Stay tuned…)

Now, March Madness.

Apparently, March Madness is kind of a big deal. In fact, Facebook reported that 14 million people have generated more than 32 million posts, comments, and likes about March Madness since March 15th. A Facebook conversation map shows a county-by county look at which March Madness teams have generated the most buzz throughout the tournament, according to different regions (whoa, Kentucky). It’s easy to see that people have caught the March Madness fever.

It could even be said that social media is responsible for all the hype behind March Madness.

Your Answer: Internet Marketing

So, to simply answer the question of where you should place your advertisements…online. It’s truly as simple as that. As we can tell by March Madness, the internet is where your customers are. Today, it’s where they choose to talk about popular events, share stories, get information, and heck, even find their soul mates (thanks a lot “Farmers Only.”)

Internet marketing is the way to market your business. It’s as easy and simple as that. Is Internet marketing the ONLY way to market your business? Of course not. It can be combined with a combination of other marketing methods to create an entire marketing strategy for your business. Do you need help creating that strategy? Today is your lucky day. We are offering to develop a FREE marketing strategy for your business. Contact us by submitting the form below to get started.

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