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Ahhh, internet advertising.

It’s the new way of marketing your business. While it involves components such as social media, search and display advertising, email campaigns, and content creation, the way your business utilizes internet advertising is completely unique. Let us tell you more about how Internet advertising can ensure you’re not only found, but chosen by your customers online.


Internet advertising is exactly that, advertising on the Internet. However, while the term itself seems relatively simple, the process is anything but. There are different parts of this Internet advertising puzzle and it takes tactical strategy to put it all together.


Social media is the way our society communicates with not only friends and family, but businesses too. If your business is not on social media, you’re missing out on a huge opportunity to connect with your customers. Social media is more than just a way to share information and utilize an advertising platform. In fact, it’s one on the most frequently used review platforms. Think about it, when people are happy – or mad – they take to social media.
You may say, “wait, why would I want to be on social media for people to get mad?” Give yourself the opportunity to make it right with your unhappy customers. In fact, make it right where people can see it online! This move can actually benefit your business so that when someone sees a negative review, they also see that your business reached out to the customer to resolve the situation. That, my friends, is the most relevant form of public relations there is.


Advertising on Google’s Search and Display Networks is the best way to not only be found by your customers, but to build an awareness of your brand. Search advertising is a form of advertising that puts your website in front of a person who is searching for your product or services. When you’re a roofer, you want to be found when someone searches roofing services in your area. Search advertising is the best way to do that.
Display advertising is used to put your ad on sites that are related to your own. Think of this form of Internet advertising as the “modern day billboard.” For example, you’re a real estate agent wanting to build an awareness of your company. You can use Display advertising to place your image and contact information on sites such as, Houzz, HomeAdvisor, etc.


The most vital part of any Internet advertising plan is a website. Think about it; you have to have somewhere to direct this online traffic! Creating content for your website will not only boost the search engine rankings, but it is an excellent way to provide fresh, relevant information to the people who are finding you online!


While you may shutter at the word itself, email is one of the best ways to create a top of the mind awareness of your brand to your customers. In addition to creating this awareness, email marketing is yet another way of communicating with your customers. After capturing the email address of someone who submits a form on your site, you can now market to them via email. Provide your customers with current offers, recent blogs, contact information, etc. All straight to their inbox!


At SDB Creative Group, we are in the business of creating exceptional marketing. One of the ways we do this by implementing strategic, specific Internet advertising plans for our clients.  We will ensure you’re found and chosen by your target audience and ultimately grow your business. Who doesn’t want that? We’d be happy to tell you more! Contact us today!