Interested in Pinterest? Pinterest is the fastest growing social media site in history. Pinterest is the 3rd largest platform, following closely behind Facebook & Twitter. Some people see Facebook & Twitter as having a subtle undertone as “look how great I am”, whereas Pinterest says “wouldn’t this be great!” A vast majority of Pinterest users are women between the ages 25 and 44. Pinterest attracts higher-educated affluent women.

Image based posts get the most engagement on Facebook. This is part of the reason Facebook has changed their timeline to encourage more visual content. What makes Pinterest so different from Facebook?

  • Pinterest is clean and uncluttered. At this point there are no ads, scrolling columns
  • Pinterest is personal. You’re not just broadcasting where you are or what you’ve done. You’re creating your own personal inspiration boards and sharing them with others.
  • Pinterest doesn’t brag. Instead of having undertones of “look how great I am”, Pinterest says “wouldn’t this be great!”
  • Pinterest doesn’t just drive likes, it also drives sales.
  • Pinterest can be an incredible source of information about your customers & clients

Some brands are an obvious fit for Pinterest. Generally when brands get started, the natural inclination is to drive people to your website or blog. It’s important to have your business pinned by pinners as it is to have them mention and like you on Facebook and Twitter. Evaluate your website to ensure it contains a lot of images that are pin worthy. The same concept is true with your blog. Be sure your blog has great images. Even though Pinterest is image driven, you do want to include thoughtful descriptions of the images you pin.

These are just a few tips about using Pinterest to market your business. So jump on, create a personal account and get to know Pinterest. Be careful because you”ll start wanting to spend a lot of time on this social network, which is why we love Pinterest for business!

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