Integration is one of the biggest words used in the advertising and marketing industry. SDB wants to give you a crash course in integrated marketing 101!

Where’s Everyone Going?

If you’re running a TV commercial, are you sending people to your website so they can find the a similar message? If you’re updating your social media accounts, does your message coincide with what your customers are hearing in your latest Pinterest advertisement? If you’re advertising on a digital billboard, is the aesthetic in line with your branded logo and promotional graphics?

Everything done to promote your business should be consistent across the board. All of your marketing efforts should match. Without this consistency…without this integration…you lose your message. And sometimes that can mean losing your audience and your ability to brand your company more effectively. Ultimately, that leads to time and money wasted.

It All Starts With An Idea And A Design.

When you’re building a house, you don’t build the walls and roof before you build a solid foundation. Assuring that your marketing goals and the complementing design become that foundation for everything else is our goal. If it’s a promotion with a specific color scheme, then that color scheme follows for the duration of the promotion. If there’s a tagline or a slogan, those words get printed on anything and said in everything that’s recorded.

Is Your Marketing Integrated?

SDB Knows And We Can Help!

How Can You Integrate Your Marketing?

It all starts internally…and that’s where SDB comes in! We’re here to help make it easier! Making sure your entire staff is aware of any new campaigns, branding, or rebranding efforts is a great place to start. Once they’re in the loop, we help to make sure that your message is relayed successfully and succinctly to any vendors, contractors, or salespeople who are part of getting that message out. We also make sure that what your customers are seeing fits in with your overall marketing goal. SDB is a one stop shop…and we’re here to make sure that your marketing is a cohesive piece of your business’s puzzle.

The team at SDB Creative Group prides ourselves on offering complete marketing and advertising solutions to businesses of every size. Everything that we do for our clients has a consistent and succinct message. We work with you to make sure that message is portrayed through a variety of mediums that best fit your company’s overall marketing plans. And, from websites to social media to traditional ads…everything is INTEGRATED.

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