On Monday, we discussed the “new and improved” Instagram. With a brighter logo and sleeker design, comes a greater focus on the content shared, pictures and video. It’ll take some getting used to, but I think the changes, while subtle, are pretty great!

Do you use an Instagram for business?

If not, you should. Let me tell you why.

If you aren’t familiar with Instagram, let me hit the highlights.

  • It’s social media platform, also an app, that lets you share photos and 30 second (maximum) videos.
  • Like Facebook or Twitter, you have followers that can see your posts. Your stream, in turn, is made up of those you follow.
  • You also have the capability to send photos from Instagram to your followers, via the direct message feature.

Want To Use Instagram For Business?

We can help!

Recently, Instagram made a change that make using Instagram for business significantly easier. You can now switch Instagram accounts without having to log in or log out. All it takes is a simple drop down and selecting the account you want to switch to. Easy peezy!

You might be thinking, “yeah, this all sounds fine and dandy, but my business isn’t suited for Instagram.”

Let me ask you to think again. If your business involves a product or service you can take a picture of to share to your customers, then it’s suited for Instagram. Using Instagram for business is just one of the many ways you can show your customers you’re relevant and become an industry leader.

If you need help building a digital presence, we’re here to help. In fact, it’s our specialty.

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