Yesterday, I gave you some tips for optimizing your search campaigns this year. Another important aspect of your digital marketing efforts is social media. In fact, nearly one-fifth of time spent online is on social sites—about 9 hours per day on average. When done right, using social media to boost business is highly effective and can hugely increase web traffic. Check out these tips to increase your social media presence!

1. Identify Where Your Clients Are

Once you begin using social media, identify the sites where you see the most traffic/maintain the most followers, and dedicate more of your time to these pages.

2. Use All Social Networks

Based on where your customers are, determine which social networks you should use. Though Facebook dominates, there are other social sites that you should use. Create a highly recognizable handle to use on all social sites, and maintain consistent branding throughout while using the unique platform of each individual site.

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3. Add Social Sharing Buttons

Social sharing buttons can let people instantly share your content from your site or become followers on various social sites.

4. Steer Clear of Self-Promotion

Social posts should primarily be dedicated to grabbing customer attention and increasing engagement, not direct advertising. Use the 80/20 rule to guide how many posts should be promotional.

5. Interact with Your Followers

Respond to comments, reach out to followers, and continue discussions to further boost social success and brand engagement.

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